ePort PRD航运服务


  • E-Booking 电子商务
  • Barge Schedule 船期预报
  • Easy Barge 舱单审批
  • Barge Allocation 一港报到
  • PRD Network 信息联网
  • United Depot 联合堆场
  • ePay 电子支付

E-Booking  电子商务


"E-booking" function of smart port , which can realize online barge freight release, and shipping date of shipping, freight inquiry, purchasing, and other functions, make the existing transfer purchasing operation more visualization , also can facilitate the trade between information data resource sharing and capacity, make SCCT, shipping company, cargo owner, barge company formed between a more interactive, interdependent platform for the supply and demand, through real-time interaction, enhance exchanges SCCT barge space utilization, feeder to reduce costs, reduce the customer's logistics costs to achieve win-win.

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